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8 Tips For Startup Success Inspired By The Italian Renaissance - Forbes

As my readers may know, I am always for drawing tips and tricks from history when applicable. That's what it's there for! Have you seen my entire marcomm theory derived from ancient Egyptian mythology and story-telling techniques? Pretty cool stuff.

Therefore it is only natural that an article talking about startup tips derived from the Italian Renaissance would peak my interest. This is a very interesting read! I've condensed the tips for your viewing pleasure - but still read the article!

  1. Location, Location, Location. Grow your start up where its geographically and socially relevant
  2. Attract Talent. Goes along with the location, location, location one above. 
  3. Build Funding.  Not a new concept.
  4. Utilize Innovation. Also a no-brainer.
  5. Focus and Delegation. Don't get distracted, delegate everyday tasks away.
  6. Communication. Standardize your practices for your workforce (HR?) 
  7. Freedom and Creativity. Let your staff's imagination grow and bring your company along with it.