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This site sits on the crossroads of Languages, Linguistics, Social Media Market Engagement, Marketing Strategy, Innovation Strategy, Creativity Theory, Ancient Mythology & Egyptology. Its a very small crossroads in the middle of cyberspace - so stay for a while - pull up a chair and coffee. 

Brand as Religion: Pioneering Examples in Brand Engagement

If brand were a religion, than these pieces would be the great works used to convert and inspire. These would be the cathedrals, artwork and idols created in pursuit of a higher purpose.

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Obama’s State of the Union – A Linguistic Window Into His Strategy & Mindset

Using a linguistic analysis tool called LIWC, I have attempted to pull back the veil of the president’s diction and take a glance in-between the words. After analyzing his SOTU against his previous 4 SOTU’s, key patterns emerged from the data. These numerical nuggets each told a story of the president’s speech, his strategy, his commitment and his frustration.

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IBM - 5 Innovation Predictions

IBM released the other day their predictions for the future of tech and society. A lot of these insights are very interesting and some are not that surprising.

  1. Classroom adapting to student
  2. Buying local over digital
  3. Doctors using DNA to diagnose
  4. Safety systems adapt and outsmart
  5. The city will help you live in it

Very cool article - worth a skim to get a feel what direction technology and therefore our experience will be taken in the next five years.


Global Social Media Directors Gather in San Francisco to Discuss the Evolution of Social Media in Business - MarketWatch

Speakers scheduled to present at the event include some of the world's most recognized social media savvy brands, such as American Airlines, Dell, U-Haul International, Southwest Airlines, QVC, GoDaddy, Intel, Wells Fargo, Airbnb, KLM,, Bank of West, Clorox, Qualcomm, Western Union, Thomson Reuters and many more.

I enjoy that this article hails social media as the new way "to get closer to customers" and to increase transparency. You mean social media should be used simply as a communication tool - how innovative!?

From this article, I really want to follow those companies listed above that apparently have been recognized as social media savvy brands. What are they up to that is so game changing? I am also puzzled why some brands didn't make the cut - like coke (which in my opinion has a very strong online social media presence).