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invisibly it bends around us,
curling, snaking and coniving
like a virus spread between us
always growing, mophing, changing
slowly it unfurls a path before us
an eternal chanting chorus

easily it consumes gigantic objects,
Jaggurants, titanics and the sun
outpacing the fastest and the furthest
it arrives before we’ve begun
nimbly tackling the complex and small
there is no space in which it cannot crawl

Yet it does not exist beyond its use
its advance is dictated by the tongue
for all its vigor, it must be set loose
it does not exist unless the song is song

How the internet is killing off silent letters

 I'm Melting, I'm Melting


Words seem to just be shriveling away on the internet - about to disappear with nary a trace. #MAYBEANOVERSTATEMENT - the internet if anything is now the largest evolving machine for words in human history.  As you may have heard, the world wide web serves to speed up both comm and miscomm -unication. The compounded action of layers of (mis)communication has forced our language to evolve at much faster rate.

inguist David Crystal has made a study of the word Rhubarb - by googling both the word "Rhubarb" and "Rubarb". At first the amount of results returned for the correct spelling, with that sneaky little silent H, far outnumbered the incorrect spelling - this however is no longer the case. Now google search results point to the fact that rubarb s catching up and will most likely overtake the correct spelling in around 50 years. With English grammar and spelling not living under the dictatorial command of a Académie française organization, who is here to stop such a change? 

While that seldom used veggie (that honestly no one knows how to prepare besides in certain famous pie recipes) may seem of no importance - other words might strike your attention, even your indignation.  

Receipt - Receit

Necessary - Necesary 

Scene - Sene

Mnemonics - Nemonics

Knife - Nife

Not so insignificant anymore, hunh?

should OF, would OF, and could’s should HAVE, would HAVE, and could HAVE
— Said No One on the Internet Ever