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Global Social Media Directors Gather in San Francisco to Discuss the Evolution of Social Media in Business - MarketWatch

Speakers scheduled to present at the event include some of the world's most recognized social media savvy brands, such as American Airlines, Dell, U-Haul International, Southwest Airlines, QVC, GoDaddy, Intel, Wells Fargo, Airbnb, KLM,, Bank of West, Clorox, Qualcomm, Western Union, Thomson Reuters and many more.

I enjoy that this article hails social media as the new way "to get closer to customers" and to increase transparency. You mean social media should be used simply as a communication tool - how innovative!?

From this article, I really want to follow those companies listed above that apparently have been recognized as social media savvy brands. What are they up to that is so game changing? I am also puzzled why some brands didn't make the cut - like coke (which in my opinion has a very strong online social media presence).