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Break Free of Decision Paralysis with These Tools

Sometimes it feels like creativity never really can strike. When it rains it pours, but when it doesn't it's a desert. I've been in those ruts, where you feel like nothing is progressing forward and your creative juices just aren't flowing to give you the ability to solve problems or make simple decisions.

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IBM - 5 Innovation Predictions

IBM released the other day their predictions for the future of tech and society. A lot of these insights are very interesting and some are not that surprising.

  1. Classroom adapting to student
  2. Buying local over digital
  3. Doctors using DNA to diagnose
  4. Safety systems adapt and outsmart
  5. The city will help you live in it

Very cool article - worth a skim to get a feel what direction technology and therefore our experience will be taken in the next five years.