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Who says engagement doesn't translate to sales?

Everyone complains that sometimes engagement isn't enough!

People wan't to see the bottom line increase as well right? - not just the conversation of the brand and its products. Well, I say they are not thinking creatively enough about engagement.


Introducing Hijack - an app designed by a shoe store called Meat Pack in Guatemala. This engagement piece actually gets customers RUNNING to their stores - extremely creative and ingenious! 

But why do people run? 

  1. Customers download a Meat Pack mobile app that tracks their location using GPS.
  2. When the app senses you have entered a competitior's store (Nike, Adidas etc) a  message pops up.
  3. It gives you a challenge - gamification ( a very powerful tactic to drive interaction, turning brand or purchasing activities into games). Customers are given a 100% discount on any product in the Meat Pack shoe store - even though they are still standing in a competitor's store.
  4. THE CATCH. this offer is time sensitive - for every second you wait 1% of the discount disappears. This translates into significant customer behavior - people begin running to the nearest Meat Pack to claim their discount before it becomes too low! 

Think that engagement pieces can't translate into sales - think again!