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Break Free of Decision Paralysis with These Tools

Sometimes it feels like creativity never really can strike. When it rains it pours, but when it doesn't it's a desert. I've been in those ruts, where you feel like nothing is progressing forward and your creative juices just aren't flowing to give you the ability to solve problems or make simple decisions.

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Travel Abroad - Take A Creative Risk

There is one social theory that argues we only shape our own identities when they become challenged or threatened. This means that we understand who we are by looking outwards and realizing who we are not. 

The best example of this is travel. Did you know that in Asia it is normal to drink out of a bag when you're on the go? To them it is completely normal. For the average westerner this method obviously evokes quizzical looks.  

The point is that we take plastic cups as the norm and the only logical way to drink something on the go. However creativity tells us otherwise, there are always multiple ways to go about doing things - never assume you have the best answer. 

Travel helps us figure out those assumptions that we take for granted and opens our eyes to new experiences, effectively heightening our creative ability. We learn more about ourselves when we see that others are different from us in ways we couldn't imagine.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
— Proust

Take A Creative Risk

Seeing that travel is the great eye-opener, it makes sense that so many travelers plan creative projects to document or encapsulate their voyages. I would argue that such travel projects are at risk of being extremely creative and dangerously fun. Next time you go on a trip besides planning your flight and housing try planning a creative project - photos, painting, drawings, audio, video - however you wish to capture it. You may find the experience very refreshing and a great source of inspiration even after it's completion.


In a couple days I will be leaving on a trip to Amsterdam, Fribourg, Munich and Madrid and I have decided to plan #projectglob(o). For now, my creative project is going to be a surprise to all of you guys - you will have to wait till I publish it in the coming weeks! Stay tuned!

PART II - The Results

I enjoyed my travels so much - so many countries - so many languages. As with most things, my project made some changes along the way - but I am happy with the results. Every time I come back from traveling I am both a little depressed and also more self-assured. I definitely learned about myself and enjoyed spending times in other cultures and languages. Anyways - here are the results of my travel project. I hope that you will consider trying a creative project on your next trip abroad! Safe travels!

6 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Potential - On Careers (

Creativity is not something that is limited to artists or marketers - every professional could stand to develop their creative side. Creativity is a an exercise in the mental processes in our minds that leads to better more innovative decisions and ultimately better problem solving. This article talks about how anyone can work to boost creativity at work.

We would all like to become more creative. Enhancing creativity can impact nearly every corner of our work lives – problem solving, ideation, innovation. However, with all we are expected to accomplish on a daily basis, we rarely have time to consider our own creative blueprint – a unique set of “triggers” that can help us harness creative energy. Aligning our creative needs can be a critical step in reaching our potential. But, as we become busier and busier, it seems we have limited time to make room for creativity in our day-to-day work lives. We attempt to adapt to the work-life scenario that is presented, and forge on.