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How can we make them read cover letters? Encode them.

Situation. After sending out one outlandish job application (which received such strong praise & hiring-potential from employers) I decided to redouble my efforts. Cover letters can be such a hassle to read. I understand. They can be long, they can restate what’s already in my resume and they can be completely boring. However an application without a cover letter is not a true application. They are like a human appendix, they’re just there dangling, sometimes briefly skimmed through and oft overlooked.

Task. Create a cover letter that a hiring manager reads in full, from top to bottom.

Action. Develop an encoded letter that reads almost like gibberish until the correct keys are used to decipher them. By gamifying the letter and making it a challenge to understand, I hope to increase engagement and force the hiring manager’s attention on every word. In scrambling the letter and producing a system of lenses, the letter’s true message is not revealed until the hiring manager interacts with the application. Additionally a QR code was placed on the back of the application that directed the manger to an interactive interview video, as a sort of reward for their hard work.

With the lenses placed on the coded text.

Cover letter with first lens placed on top.


Sample Coded text.

This in addition to my letter is to thank you for professional and business experience. I want to convey my work by taking interest in Momentum Worldwide that I have time to proactively create this application. I sought out to read about the different opportunities to deepen the expectations for Momentum Worldwide. As the multiple layers of my knowledge base grows and deepens, I feed my insatiable appetite for a brand. My information and experiences in addition to the professional nature of my application sets me apart. Specializing and earning a Masters in Global Management, I feel well qualified in integrative and experiential marketing. I’m drawn to this company because I have also learned and studied for a position in over eight different ways.


Result. In the mail, to be determined. Check back in a week.