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A Future of Interactive Content & Branding

The Digital Dialogue

On social media platforms companies have direct access to their customers. This means instantaneous feedback and also the infamous concept of "customers joining the brand dialogue". 

When a company opens a Facebook account, for example, they are really inviting any user to comment on their wall, posts and pictures. However not all interactions are guaranteed to be "brand kosher." What if some of your customers always comment provocatively and manage to eat away at the brand environment?

On the flip side, such interactions that pull the customer in closer help them invest into the brand and develop a much more powerful connection. Individuals have a much higher stake in something that they themselves create. 

The Future of Interactive Brand Content

With the future of content moving towards video, sites like Vimeo and Youtube become more and more important. However in trying to stay even further ahead of the curve we have extremely creative platforms like interlude which is on the frontier of video. 

Interlude offers a product that creates a truly unique video experience. Unlike Youtube, videos on interlude allow users to step through the screen and direct the action and story of the video. Viewers end up making decisions that influence how the video unfurls - resulting in a unique experience every time.

Additionally, this brand tool allows customers to feel empowered and create their own version of the brand story within very strict guidelines. Youtube and Vimeo are just stepping stones down the path to more attractive content that provides deeper and more meaningful experiences for users. What other platforms will spring up next that draw the user in, allowing him or her to create and still protect the brand story from being hijacked? I'm excited to see more options for content delivery!

Here is my humble attempt at using the interlude treehouse video platform. I hope that his short clip will demonstrate the power of interactive video and open your eyes to different types of content delivery. Please remember to get your mouse ready - you have to click - this ain't your average video!