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This is a very interesting report that was just released.

The key takeaways of the report:

  • Social Media Marketers want to know: which tactics work, what are the best ways to engage, how can one measure results, what are the best tools and how do you develop overall social media strategy. 
  • Social Media marketers plan on using YouTube much more heavily as a social media tool. 
  • A whopping 97% of businesses use social media marketing, BUT also interesting from the report - only 74% of them outsource social media mgmt while a little more than half have been using social media for around a year (leaves a lot of room for potential).

This field is still wide open - but at the same time I think it is important not to become to tunnel visioned when focusing on social media - it's hot right now, but it shouldn't steal all your thunder. 

Let the games begin (or continue)!