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Tapping into the minds of your audience: The psychology of social media | Econsultancy

The tendency is to think "what shall we give our audience?" when it is just as important to ask "why should they care?"

I am fascinated by the whole psychology of social media: What motivates people to take certain actions, such as overshare the minutiae of their life, or angrily "out" brands on social networks rather than complain directly to them in private, or retweet unproven allegations (and therefore get sued), and so forth?

As well as these inevitable threats there lie opportunities for marketers if they can understand what motivates people to retweet, share, plus one, like and comment on content.


Very cool article - really gets at the crux of social media - why would users want to click/share/tweet - you need to develop a strong emotional connection to really engage and retain users.