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This site sits on the crossroads of Languages, Linguistics, Social Media Market Engagement, Marketing Strategy, Innovation Strategy, Creativity Theory, Ancient Mythology & Egyptology. Its a very small crossroads in the middle of cyberspace - so stay for a while - pull up a chair and coffee. 

Art Installations

From my own experience with art installations I find that they are some of the most powerful displays of artistic talent and can evoke strong emotions within people. This is perhaps because of their grandeur or the fact that they can sometimes engage multiple senses at once. I have been planning  my own version of a linguistic art installation for a long time, which would draw from several linguistic theories. Although I cannot be employed as an art installationist (wait, is that possible?!?), I feel that such expressions of thought are the best ways to really wake people up or make them suddenly aware of a revolutionary movement or idea. I would love to explain to you in my next post about my installation concepts and what I plan to create! Creation is by far the most amazing feeling! But for now, just click the link below and enjoy these amazing pieces of art. I'll explain my ideas later.

Inspirational Art Installations